How to get the Google Pixel Phone Look in any Android smartphone

Pixel Launcher is the home screen experience for the Pixel and Pixel XL phones by Google. But you can make your phone look like Google Pixel Phone by using Nova launcher and Pixel Icon Pack.

techshasthra,pixel launcher

Just follow the steps for making your phone look like Google pixel.

1. Download Nova Launcher & set it as your default home.

2.  Apply Pixel Icon pack to Nova Launcher

3. Change Nova Launcher settings as follows

  Desktop Settings
  • Desktop Grid - 5x5
  • Icon Layout - Change the icon size to 120%. Set the Label to 'Condensed' and change the size to the second tick in the bar.
  • Width padding - Medium
  • Height padding - Large
  • Search bar style - Select the pixel style search bar(Select the 'G' logo with the white oval). Then tap 'Bar color' and set it to white. Scroll down and select the colored 'G'.
  • Page Indicator - None
techshasthra google pixel launcher

App & Widget Drawers 
  • Drawer app grid - 5x5
  • Card Background - Off
  • Swipe to Open - On
  • Scroll Accent Color - Set the Scroll Accent Color as 'Teal'. It’s the first option in the fourth row.
techshasthra,pixel launcher
Dock Settings

In Dock Background
  • Shape - Rectangle 
  • Color - White
  • Transparency - 85%
  • Draw behind navigation bar - On
That's it. Now you can enjoy the Google Pixel look in your android smartphone.


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