How to replace damaged Sandisk memory card/pendrive using warranty without bill

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It is easy to replace your damaged Sandisk products from Sandisk if it is under warranty period. Sandisk memory cards or pendrives might have 5 years or 7 years of warranty. But most of the users don't know how to replace it by Sandisk warranty service. Most of them buy a new one instead of replacing the damaged product. Sandisk will replace your damaged memory card or pendrive even if you lost the bill receipt of the product. Here I am showing you the steps to avail Sandisk warranty replacement.

First you need to send an email to "" regarding the complaint of your sandisk product. There will be an auto response email with popular problems and answers relating to your sandisk product. Try the methods described in the link. It may solve the issue. Otherwise wait for the reply from the SanDisk Global Customer care Representative within two business days.

SanDisk Global Customer care Representative will ask you to provide the following information to review your warranty status for possible replacement:

-Your First and Last name
- Your Phone Number
- Your complete physical address (with House Number, Area pin code & Landmark)
- What is written at the front and back side of the Sandisk product? (Please provide all the codes written on the product, not from retail packaging)
- Color of the product
- What is the make and model of the device where you are using this memory card? ( If its a memory card)
- From where did you purchase the product?
- Exact or approximate Date of Purchase in the format of MM/DD/YYYY
- Do you have any important data on the product?
- Do you see any sign of physical damage?
- During the replacement procedure would you like to receive automated voice calls and SMS notification?

You have to reply the email with the required details along with the cleared and zoomed pictures of the Sandisk memory card or pendrive. Refurbished, physically damaged or non-authentic products are not covered by sandisk warranty.

They will check whether your product is genuine and is eligible for sandisk warranty or not. If eligible you will get an approval email for returning the product with Return Authorization ID and the address of the nearest Sandisk service centre. You will also get an SMS regarding the returning process. You need to visit the local depot assigned for your Return Material Authorization(RMA) with the damaged product and the approval email or SMS showing the Return Authorization ID. Follow the below instructions before visiting the local Sandisk centre:

• Please make sure you have your RMA Number with you before you visit our centre. 

• Please print the approval email and present at the reception of Sandisk centre for the proof of the replacement OR present the SMS sent to you by the RMA department.

• Sandisk centers are open from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 AM and 5:30 PM.

Defective product will be tested at the centre and will be returned if it will be in working condition. They will also check the product for any physical damage. If there is no any physical damage and the product is non-functional, then they will replace the damaged product with a new product. The product offered to you is based on current stock availability. You may be getting the same or an equivalent model based on inventory available at the time of replacement. 


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