Google launches donation-matching campaign for refugees

Google announced a donation-matching campaign for refugees. Google aims to raise $11 million for humanitarian organizations aiding the thousands of refugees who have fled war-torn and impoverished countries. The search giant, which has already donated about $1 million to human rights organizations working to help refugees, is now publishing a banner ad, urging its users to give, with a “Donate” button. Click the button, and it leads you to a website, where Google explains it will match 100 percent of donations it receives until it reaches its goal of $11 million.
Donations will be distributed to four nonprofit organizations providing aid such as food, water, shelter and medical care to refugees and migrants- Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Google said it will match the first $5.5 million worth of donations globally at relief until it raises $11 million.
Google announced its matching plan in a blog post this week, written by a Google employee named Rita Masoud who is also a refugee from Afghanistan.
Rita Masoud wrote on the blog post as 
  "My name is Rita Masoud and I am a refugee. I was born in war-torn Kabul, Afghanistan. When I was seven, my family and I fled to Europe with our belongings in a single suitcase, hoping for a safer and better future. Our journey involved many dark train and bus rides, as well as hunger, thirst, cold and fear. Fortunately, we received asylum in The Netherlands, where I grew up in a safe environment and was able to find my way in life. Today, I work for Google in California.
I was lucky. But as the refugee and migrant crisis has grown, many people like my family are desperate for help. Last week, Google announced a €1 million (~$1.1 million) donation to organizations who are providing front-line humanitarian relief to refugees and migrants around the world. Today, we're inviting you to join us. To double the impact of your contribution, we’ll match the first €5 million (~$5.5 million) in donations globally, until together we raise €10 million (~$11 million) for relief efforts."


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