7 Easy steps to speed up your Windows PC

7 Easy steps to speed up your Windows PCToday I am going to discuss some tips to speed up your Windows PC. These tips can be used for your laptop or desktop computer. 

1 Delete Temporary Files 

Temporary files are the one which is used for supporting some applications for a limited period of time and left unused for later. Deleting temporary files is very easy. But there are peoples they still don’t know about temporary files. For them I have included this step in my list. Deleting these files periodically will prevent your PC from becoming a very slower one. Deleting temporary files will improve the performance of your PC.
Temporary files can be deleted in the following way
  • Click on the Start icon
  • Type Run on the search box
  • Select the Run from list 
  • Type temp and press enter
  • Delete all the files from the appearing folder.
  • Repeat all the steps for %temp% and prefetch instead of temp.

Note: If some files remain undeleted then skip that files. 

2 Uninstall unwanted applications

There will be so many applications installed in your PC. Some of them will be unused by you. Uninstalling these unwanted applications will free up a lot of space in drives and thus it makes your PC faster.

3 Avoid unneeded background processes

The unwanted programs running in the background will reduce the memory and processing power of a PC available for a specific program started by the user. So stopping these background applications will free up those resources and that can be used by the main task. 

You can do this using task manager or some other third party applications like Driver Booster.

4 Install Anti-virus

Anti-virus not only protects PC from malicious programs but also it increases the system performance. A lot of free anti-virus softwares are available in the internet such as Avast, AVG and Avira. Using an anti-virus protects your PC from harmful applications which may affect the system performance.

5 Empty recycle bin

Simply deleting the files didn’t delete them properly. Deleting a file means it is just moved to the recycle bin. That means the file still exists in the system. Once we empty the recycle bin the space on the disk becomes free and can be reused.

6 Add extra RAM

Adding extra RAM will cost you some money but it will surely speed up your PC. You can even play high end games easily using increased RAM.

7 Keep your PC cool

Heating up of PC will affect the performance. So for better performance one needs to keep the PC cool. Every PC should come with an internal fan to do this job. You can also do this using an external fan or a cooling pad.


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