Google Releases Android Security Update for Nexus Devices

nexusGoogle on Monday has released a security update to Nexus devices as part of the monthly Android security updates process. This update release is focused on fixing security issues in the operating system.

In the 'Nexus Security Bulletin-November 2015', they announced that "We have released a security update to Nexus devices through an over-the-air (OTA) update as part of our Android Security Bulletin Monthly Release process. The Nexus firmware images have also been released to the Google Developer site." In this bulletin Google has listed one of the most severe critical security vulnerabilities that could enable remote code execution on an affected device through various methods such as email, web browsing, and MMS when processing media files. Google also noted that they haven't received any reports of active customer exploitation of these newly reported issues.

The company has also revealed that partners were notified about the issues on October 5 or earlier. Source code patches for these issues will be released to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository over the next 48 hours.


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