Google to launch Street View in India

Google is going to launch Street view service in India. Google is waiting to get security clearance from the Home Ministry to launch its street view service in India.

If google launches this service, people across the world will be able to see Indian streets even before visiting the country. Google has been offering Street View in a limited way in the country to allow people to see historical and tourist sites on mobile devices. Google, through a partnership with the Archaeological Survey of India, was given permission to add Street View imagery for 100 monuments, including Taj Mahal and Khajuraho in 2013.

Street View allows users to see how a city or a place looks like in real. Google uses cars and bikes fitted with cameras to collect imagery. Google takes all the individual photos that have been collected by the cameras and stitches them together to make the 360-degree panorama. This service is already available in countries such as the US, Japan and South Korea.

If Google gets the regulatory clearances, Hyderabad could be among the first few cities where this service will be launched this year.The Telangana government has already expressed its interest towards the launching of the service and they had recently met Google executives on the possibility of launching the service.


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