Want to increase the download speed of Telegram files? Check this out

Slow speed is always annoying especially when you want to download some 700 Mb file via Telegram. There is a bot out there to save us from this misery called @GetPublicLinkBot.Thanks to developer Ajeesh Nair.

NB: You can use this bot to download any type of Telegram file (mkv,3gp,pdf,jpg,epub etc.)

How to use this bot? Nothing complex just follow these steps. This method is valid for both mobile and desktop users

1. Open Telegram and search for Getpubliclinkbot


 2.  Just press START button



  3. Send the file you want to download faster

Wait for the reply. Normally reply will be like this.


There are 3 options available.

a) Instant Download - Simply gives you a link to download the file via external browser but not resumable. That means once you created that link it can be used only once (Not recommended)

b) Resumable link -  Here you get an external link which can be download via external browser and is resumable (Recommended)

c) Save to G-Drive/Dropbox - Here you get an option to save the file in your personal Google drive. Then simply download the file at any time (Most recommended). There is another option to save the file in your Dropbox account.

4. Click Save to G-Drive/Dropbox

A popup window like this will appear. Just click Open.

Your default browser will open a webpage with these options.


5. Select Save To Google Drive option


Now another page will ask you to Sign in your Google account. Just enter your gmail address and password to log in.


After Login, you have to tap the Allow button.

6. Your file will be now available in your Google Drive

Tap download to proceed

 Select Download anyway

7. Choose the path to save this file in case browser asked

Now you can check the downloading speed  and can verify that, this method is almost 2X times than normal downloading method.

Checkout this tutorial video:



Above tutorial is done with a movie file less than 1Gb. Now if your file is larger than 1Gb bot cannot generate an option with Save to G-Drive/Dropbox. But don't worry just proceed with Resumable link option, it's pretty fast too.

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