How To Hack Any Android Game On Rooted Android Smartphone

In these days, most of the android users don’t know what they can do with their rooted android smartphone. By rooting a smartphone you can unlock your sytem files. By using different applicatons you can edit the system properties and improve the system performance and much more. Also, you can easily edit almost every android game data with root access.

Here I am going to hack ‘Tennis 3D’ game on any rooted smartphone using a simple file manager. By using a root file manager anyone can edit the game data by the following steps. By editing the internal game data, you can make free unlimited money in your game. 

Steps to hack Tennis 3D game on any rooted android smartphone

Tennis 3d game free money
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  • First you need to install root file manager like ‘Root Explorer’ from Playstore and grant root access to the file manager via Superuser.
  • Open the root explorer and go to data folder inside the data folder (Data>>Data) from the Root folder.
  • Then you can see data folders of each application installed in your phone. For hacking Tennis 3D game, go to the ‘’ folder.
  • All your game data will be saved inside ‘shared_prefs’ folder. Inside the ‘shared_prefs’ folder open ‘’ file in text editor. There you can see different variables and values relating to the game data.
  • For increasing the money you need to find the ‘player_sum_coining’ and change its value to a higher number.
          For example, find the following line in the file.

          <int name =”player_sum_coining” value=”xxxx”/>

         Here “xxxx” will be the money you have in your game. In order to change the money edit 
          the value as shown below(increase the value to a higher number).

        <int name =”player_sum_coining” value=”5000000”/>
  • Then save the file and exit the root explorer. Now open Tennis 3D game and goto store and check your money in your account. It will be 5000000.


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