Redmi 2 prime problems and solutions

Redmi 2 prime is one of the popular smartphones produced by Xiaomi. But the new users are worried about some issues. Main issues with the phone include heating problem and fast battery drain. These problems can be solved easily. 
The common solutions are 
  • Clean background apps everyday. 
  • Use cleaner tool which exists in security app. 
Heating problem solution

Heating problem can be reduced by Wiping cache. It can be done by 

Power off the phone. 

Press power button and volume up button together. 

Select "Recovery" 

Note:- From this step touch will not work in the phone. Moving up and down will be done by volume up button and volume down button and selection will be done by power button. 

Select "English" option. 

Select "wipe and reset" option. 

Select "wipe cache" option. 

Select "yes" option. 

Select "back" option when it happens upto 100%. 

Select "reboot " option 

Select "reboot to system" option. 

Battery draining test 

Charge your phone up to 100% 

Close all the recent files 

Keep your phone into airplane mode for at least 7-8 hours 

And see, that your battery percentages should not be below 85%, if it shows below 85%, then update your phone once. That is update your device with latest miui version. By doing this you can solve the battery draining problem.


  1. Hello Siegert
    The above post is only for xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime smartphone.
    You Just update your smartphone to the latest miui version.

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  3. The Redmi 2 Prime was initially thought to be a special edition release, and while it is following the company's online flash sale formula, it looks as though this model will coexist with its older sibling. That means there's more choice for consumers, which is always a good thing. Let's see if this new model is worth the extra money.
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