Microsoft is planning to let users install Windows on Android phones

Microsoft is planning to let users install Windows OS on their Android phones. Microsoft has filed a patent for a multi-OS smartphone that would come with multiple operating systems out of which users will have the freedom to pick their favourite.

Microsoft has announced its new flagship Lumia smartphones running its own Windows 10 operating system. They are also having plans to allow users to choose its own operating system to run on their device. The user can run Windows OS even if the device is working on Android. Microsoft has been rumoured to be working with OEMs to release Windows phone ROMs for their Android handsets.

A multi-OS smartphone would allow the company to run a Windows software on an Android phone. The multi-OS platform could also offer users the choice to migrate from one OS to another or run dual or multi-boot as required. Once a user chooses a particular OS out of the compressed platforms, the remaining OS may be removed. This would function in the same manner boot loader works.


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