Opera introduces new logo

Opera is off to a fresh start with its new logo. Opera Software has now introduced a new logo and brand identity. They have redesigned their logo with the familiar red “O”. With the extended range of products and services, the company has grown beyond the bounds of a software company.

The company noted in its announcement that Opera Software may have started out as a browser vendor, but it now offers a far wider range of products and it wants its new brand to reflect that. Opera Mediaworks, the company's ad business, now reaches 800 million people per month. The company's apps reach 350 million users across all supported platforms. The company said in its announcement that they see Opera more as an internet company providing great experiences online and not just as a traditional software company.

The company says its new three-dimensional "O" logo symbolizes a gateway that leads the users to more content, more discoveries, more answers, more communication, more fun, more data savings, more of life, whatever they seek online, Opera helps them do more.

Its first product to feature the new logo is Opera Mini for iOS and other products will follow soon. Over the next few months, the company will be rolling out the new brand across the Opera family, including their entire product portfolio, Opera for Android, Opera Mini for Android and Opera for computers.


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