PANASONIC announced a new mirrorless camera G7

Panasonic announced a new mirrorless camera G7. The latest G series model is well featured for a good user experience. The camera bears a strong resemblance to the recent GH4. It has a deep grip, very angular appearance and a more DSLR like profile than other mirrorless cameras. There are all sorts of dials and buttons strewn about the body of the camera. On the back the controls are very similar to that seen in most of the Panasonic shooters.
 The camera is provided with the hardware that can keep up with the best of its micro four thirds lens system which probably looks to be a pro feature. But it also has user friendly options. The control scheme allows for a pro-style manual shooting experience with dual control wheels, but the camera also has auto modes that allow even first time users to pick up the camera and start shooting.
Packing a 16-megapixel sensor, the G7 is capable of capturing full resolution stills at 8fps, as well as take 4K video at 30 frames per second. The G7 brings  new features to complement its 4K recording capabilities. Using one of three different capture modes you can pull 8 MP stills from video. The G7 also packs an articulating 3-inch LCD that allows you to shoot at extreme angles without skipping a beat. The on board wifi offers easy sharing with smartphones and remotely shoot using your smartphone. If you want to avoid a difficult password input to pair your devices, the G7 will display a QR code to handle the process for you.

The G7 will hit stores in mid-June with a 14-42mm kit lens for $799.99, or a 14-140 lens for $1099.99.


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