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Everything You Need To Know About Lg Thinq

"Thinq" or "Lg Thinq" is a phrase that is already famous in the tech industry. Even though there are people who are still don't know what it means and why the South Korean multinational company LG use add this "thinq" tag with its latest devices. What is Thinq? Basically Thinq or LG SmartThinQ is brand launched by LG in 2007. But the specialty is every device that feature Thinq brand name will be equipped with latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. Thinq brand is originally launched for consumer electronics and home appliances such as air conditioners, TV and refrigerators. Also the first product to have Thinq branding is a smart refrigerator with features such as food management system and smart savings options.

In Feb 2018 the company launched its first smartphone with "Thinq" branding called the LG V30S Thinq. After that company kept on launching several smartphones with this branding like LG G7 Thinq, LG V40 Thinq etc.  Feature…

Sony Xperia M5 Dual Launched in India at Rs 37,990

Sony has launched its latest Xperia smartphone, the Xperia M5 Dual, which will be available in Indian market at Rs37,990. The Xperia M5 Dual is a dual-SIM smartphone with 4G support. The Xperia M5 Dual comes with the MediaTek Helio X10 SoC which houses an octa-core processor clocked at 2GHz. The octa-core processor is paired with 3GB of RAM. It also comes with 16GB internal storage. The main attraction of this phone is it's camera. It is packed with a 21MP primary camera and a 13MP secondary camera. The rear camera is also capable of shooting 4K videos whereas the front-facing camera can record full HD videos. The camera comes with hybrid AF technology, having both phase-detect and contrast-detect auto focus. The Xperia M5 Dual comes with a 5-inch full HD display which provides an excellent viewing experience. The handset is also water proof like other high-end Xperia smartphones.It provides a 2600mAh battery.


Xperia M5 Dual is formed with the classic Sony Omnibalance design language – beauty and perfection in every direction. It is also designed for durability. Stainless steel corners protect against bumps, and a frame that extends just a touch over the screen takes the strain if you drop your phone.
The Xperia M5 Dual brings you the same innovation in waterproof design as Sony premium smartphones, protecting against water as well as fine dust particles. Your phone can even take a quick dip, so an accidental drop in the sink isn’t a problem. The Xperia M5 Dual has been given the highest IP rating for a smartphone – IP65/68. This is a standard that measures a device’s resistance levels to dust (IP65) and water (IP68 – both for splashes and submersion).


Xperia M5 Dual steps up to bring you an incredible viewing experience. Boasting a sharp, bright and vivid 5” Full HD display, your favourite entertainment will really come to life. Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 gives you enhanced sharpness and contrast for immersive viewing. IPS technology provides excellent viewing at any angle and accurate colours from edge to edge.


With so much camera technology crammed into this Dual SIM 4G smartphone, you’ll always be ready to capture the action. Presenting 21.5 megapixels, Hybrid Autofocus, 5 x Clear Image Zoom, Superior Auto and 4K video capture. Sony´s advanced Hybrid AF combines two technologies for outstanding performance: Phase detection AF for quick response and Contrast detection AF for added precision. It´s a perfect match that delivers fast, accurate focusing in all situations, even if your subject is moving. And thanks to the wide AF coverage, even objects in the corners of the frame will be in focus. Photos are sharp with 5x Clear Image Zoom. When you can’t get near enough to your subject, this Sony technology allows you to zoom in without losing quality.Superior Auto recognises up to 52 scenarios and automatically adjusts the settings, including HDR, for the best photos anywhere, any time with the power to capture videos in 4K, Xperia M5 Dual has the same quality and performance as a real compact digital camera. The result is sharp, clear and bright images – always.With an outstanding 13 megapixels, sharp autofocus, plus a host of Sony camera tech, this is the smartphone you’ll want to take a selfie with. Besides the Xperia camera apps that come pre-installed, there’s a whole range of other fun apps for you to enjoy. New apps are being released continuously and can be downloaded directly via the camera interface on your Xperia device.


The MediaTek Helio X10 64-bit Octa-core processor gives your 4G smartphone amazing performance and speed without draining the battery. The 64-bit Octa-core smartphone has a built-in Cat4 4G/LTE modem. This enables blazing Internet connections with up to 150 Mbit/s download and 50 Mbit/s upload speeds.It can run multiple apps simultaneously, surf the web with shorter loading time and stream beautifully lag-free videos. 


Xperia has also provided a decent battery to the Xperia M5 Dual. Sony claims that 2,600mAh battery is incredibly powerful. The result is a Dual SIM 4G smartphone that delivers up to 2 days of battery life. So when you need to power through, whether it’s an all-night party, a marathon TV-watching session or a long weekend away, the Xperia M5 Dual will power through with you. The battery standby time is up to 8 hours Full HD video watching, up to 63 hours music play, up to 12 hours talk time
In the Extended Standby mode the apps and functions will be intuitively turned off when you’re not using the display. However, you’ll still receive calls, texts, alarms and your choice of app notifications. Press the power button and everything is up and running again. Extended usage mode extends usage time by up to 14%. Ultra STAMINA Mode can be used when battery is very low. It limits your phone to core functions – such as calls and messages – so you can get every bit of charge from your battery. Think of it as your smartphone’s reserve tank – one that lets you drive for an entire week.


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