Taking screenshot of whole webpage using a telegram bot

There may be an  occasion in which you want to take a screenshot of a long webpage rather than a small portion (we all have that screenshot option in our smartphones). Now imagine a situation where you are having an argument with a friend of applying for a job by seeing a website.  Now you have two options, one in which you have to send the URL of the website and explain each detail on by one. The other option you have is just sent the screenshot of the webpage. There are several websites to save you from this screenshot misery. But today I have to discuss the same situation if occurred in a telegram chat.
Of course, there is a saviour bot to save from this tricky situation called URL2IMGBot. Now let's look at how to use it.

1. Open Telegram and search for @URL2IMGBot in the search bar

Select the bot and press START button. information about bot will be like this.


Bot chat screen


2. Type or paste the webpage address (URL) in the chat and send it


You will get an image as reply with other download option (like PNG).

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the image select the PNG option.

3. Check the file you got as a reply from bot



 Download the file.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and check other Telegram tutorials here.


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