How to download your favourite movies using a Telegram bot?

To follow up this tutorial you must have a telegram account (that's obvious). Moving on, the most important feature that keeps telegram apart from Whatsapp is the inclusion of third party bots. Botfather helps you to make really mind-blowing bots or robots. In fact, these bots made Telegram an all in one destination - Download movies, download Youtube videos, Convert files into other formats, even dedicated Gmail bot is there to serve you.

OK, that's nice, isn't it? Then, How to download your favourite movies using a Telegram bot? It's pretty easy just follow these steps.

1. Open Telegram and search for TGMoviesBot.

2. Select TGMoviesBot and Click the START button

3. Then select Find a Telegram file option ( see pic below )

When you click that an important feature called inline mode appears. Inline mode is nothing but you can start a bot simply type @TGMoviesBot within any chat, then the bot will activate.

NB: Add @ symbol before TGMoviesbot

4. Type exact name of movie (eg: TITANIC)

5. Select the required file from the list and click the file to download 

Still confused?

Watch this video...

Have the fun of downloading movies right within a conversation without opening any browser tabs. So you got the file to download. That's great, isn't it?

Want to increase the download speed of Telegram files? 

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