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Everything You Need To Know About Lg Thinq

"Thinq" or "Lg Thinq" is a phrase that is already famous in the tech industry. Even though there are people who are still don't know what it means and why the South Korean multinational company LG use add this "thinq" tag with its latest devices. What is Thinq? Basically Thinq or LG SmartThinQ is brand launched by LG in 2007. But the specialty is every device that feature Thinq brand name will be equipped with latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. Thinq brand is originally launched for consumer electronics and home appliances such as air conditioners, TV and refrigerators. Also the first product to have Thinq branding is a smart refrigerator with features such as food management system and smart savings options.

In Feb 2018 the company launched its first smartphone with "Thinq" branding called the LG V30S Thinq. After that company kept on launching several smartphones with this branding like LG G7 Thinq, LG V40 Thinq etc.  Feature…

How to replace damaged Sandisk memory card/pendrive using warranty without bill

It is easy to replace your damaged Sandisk products from Sandisk if it is under warranty period. Sandisk memory cards or pendrives might have 5 years or 7 years of warranty. But most of the users don't know how to replace it by Sandisk warranty service. Most of them buy a new one instead of replacing the damaged product. Sandisk will replace your damaged memory card or pendrive even if you lost the bill receipt of the product. Here I am showing you the steps to avail Sandisk warranty.
First you need to send an email to "" regarding the complaint of your sandisk product. There will be an auto response email with popular problems and answers relating to your sandisk product. Try the methods described in the link. It may solve the issue. Otherwise wait for the reply from the SanDisk Global Customer care Representative within two business days.
SanDisk Global Customer care Representative will ask you to provide the following information to review your warran…

How to get the Google Pixel Phone Look in any Android smartphone

Pixel Launcher is the home screen experience for the Pixel and Pixel XL phones by Google. But you can make your phone look like Google Pixel Phone by using Nova launcher and Pixel Icon Pack.

Just follow the steps for making your phone look like Google pixel.

1. Download Nova Launcher & set it as your default home.

2.  Apply Pixel Icon pack to Nova Launcher

3. Change Nova Launcher settings as follows
  Desktop Settings
Desktop Grid - 5x5Icon Layout - Change the icon size to 120%. Set the Label to 'Condensed' and change the size to the second tick in the bar.Width padding - MediumHeight padding - LargeSearch bar style - Select the pixel style search bar(Select the 'G' logo with the white oval). Then tap 'Bar color' and set it to white. Scroll down and select the colored 'G'.Page Indicator - None

App & Widget Drawers 
Drawer app grid - 5x5Card Background - OffSwipe to Open - OnScroll Accent Color - Set the Scroll Accent Color as 'Teal'. It’s …